A Snapchat Study of Sacremento, Day 2

4/23/17, Sunday

Commentary: (Read along as each picture or video appears)

-It was cold that night, so I curled up in my sleep, causing this to happen.  It’s a blister of some sort I think.  It has since healed.

-As a thanks for letting us stay in his house, we did his dishes while he was still sleeping in the morning.

-We wouldn’t have time to pack up after church, so we had to do it now.

-Cruising in his FJ Cruiser.

-City Bible Church, a church plant that meets in a high school auditorium.  Great church with solid teaching.  Also coffee and bagels every Sunday.

-My mom special requested that we go to this place after seeing it on Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives.

-Too much cheese.  Just the way I like it.

-No odd balls here.  Everyone got the squeeze burger.

-After lunch we still had time to kill before our flight, so we walked to this place.

”Take a look, it’s in a book..”

-When in Sacramento, see the capital, right?  But first, stop by the rose garden in front of it.

-Supposedly, this was a good spot to take a picture since it’s in the background

-We walked all the way around it to get to the front

-If Epic Meal Time ever needs another “Muscles Glasses”, I know just the guy.

-Do it for the snapchat.

-Only because everyone else was doing it.

-It was time to catch our flight.. And say bye to the giant airport bunny.

Never gets old.

-I bought one macaron from Ginger Elizabeths.  We ate it now as a snack.

-We sat next to this man.

-Back in Southern California, where my nose is safe from Sacramento allergens

-We had Chinese food, since we had non-Chinese food all weekend.

-Lots of sitting that day.


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