My Brother’s Alarm Clock

As probably mentioned before, my brother and I shared a room while we grew up together.  At some point he got a new alarm clock.  It was a fancy one that was also a radio and a CD player.  It was pretty bulky, as the built in speakers were loud enough to make it double as a boom box.

As we all know, right out of college, he got a job at Raytheon at a location that required him to wake up at 5am to make a reasonable commute time.  So, naturally he used the alarm clock mentioned above with it set to CD mode.  To prevent himself from getting too comfortable with the song being played, he would cycle through his songs and CDs.  This nostalgia trip is brought to you by the songs that I can recall hearing all the time:

Even though I woke up about an hour later to get ready for zero period orchestra, he was still pretty good about waking up and turning the alarm off within a few seconds.  Some days he woke up to the sound of the CD player starting up and he was able to disable it before any music played.  Other days, the whole intro of the song would play out and then he would wake up.  And once a blue moon, he would turn off the alarm and fall back asleep.  Several minutes later my dad would come in to wake up him up, followed by an audible “oh shoot!” as my brother sped through his morning routine.

It’s hard to fault him on it though, waking up at 5am is no fun.


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