So, I was Unemployed Again..[The God Factor]

Let’s rewind it again, but a little further.

During my long period of unemployment before I started working at Kaiser, I was actually interviewing with LA Fitness’s corporate office.  Unfortunately, the timing just wasn’t quite right.  LA Fitness offered me a job the day after I accepted the job offer from Kaiser.

Fast forward to the tail end of contract at Kaiser.  I had a few phone calls and interviews, but no luck.  Remembering I still had the contact information of the manager that interviewed me at LA Fitness, I reached out.  After some back and forth, I got an interview.  That was followed by another interview the next week.  The next day, I got a job offer!  I was also able to negotiate a later start date to to give me time to find and move into an apartment since the job was located in Irvine.

Let’s talk about God’s timing and how perfect it is.  Even from the beginning.

  1. Initially, LA Fitness wasn’t ready for me.  When they contacted me with a job offer the first time around, they kind of just made up a position for me.  I probably wouldn’t have had the same opportunities to grow professionally if I was some sort of advanced intern.
  2. Getting the job at Kaiser was clearly act of God.  If you recall, I was initially rejected for a more qualified candidate.  It was about a month before they revisited me.  I didn’t learn about this until much later, but apparently there were 5 other candidates before they settled on me.  The first turned down the offer for a better one.  The second accepted the job offer, but then had a family emergency, forcing her to fly to China for an extended period of time.  The third was an in-house hire, who decided he didn’t want to leave his old team, so he turned down the offer.  The fourth was fired after her first week because she refused to adhere to the dress code policy.  The fifth wanted to accept the job offer, but wanted 3 months before she could start working.  6th place is the best place I guess.
  3. Working at Kaiser allowed me to be close to home.  I had planned to continue serving in college and youth ministry at church until certain senior class graduated from their respective ministries.  I’m glad I was able to see this through
  4. Kaiser employees are required to fulfill a certain amount of service hours, trainings and extensive surveys every year.  Being on contract meant I got to sidestep these minor inconveniences.
  5. Being on contract meant being paid hourly, which meant I was properly compensated for working overtime.  I worked a lot of overtime since Helen (the new director) started there.
  6. Kaiser is considered to be technologically ahead of its competitors in terms of the medical field.  Yet despite this fact, it quite behind in general.  I worked in an environment that had poor coding practices, no version control and no developer peers for me to bounce ideas off of.  I was the only software developer in my department.  All this to say that working there wasn’t great, but it was tolerable.  And the thing is, for a lot of people (including myself), tolerable is enough to stay at a job.  Had I been a full time salaried employee, it might be easier for me to be “stuck” there.  Being on contract meant the decision to leave was made for me.  God had bigger plans.
  7. Everything about moving to Irvine came together so seamlessly; God’s hand was in everything.  Technically speaking, I was only unemployed for about a week.  The job offer given to me was pretty generous, factoring in that employee prospects are expected to do some negotiating.  The only thing I really asked for was ample time to find an apartment, which was given to me.  Within 4 days of the job offer, I had an apartment lease signed and ready to go.  Conveniently, I’m exponentially closer to my fiance now.  No longer do I have to commute 1 hour 1 way just to see her.  The extra time I had to move in was used to furnish and settle into the apartment and even take a trip with friends without having to worry about nonexistent vacation days.

All Glory to God

It was a tough journey.  I remember praying a lot, asking God to let His Will be done and not my own.  I remember asking God to show me His plans, since things were not looking too promising for me.  I remember learning a lot of patience and trusting in God.

I thank God for what He has done for me.  He gave me the strength to push through it too.


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