A Review of 2017

Though I wasn’t undefeated, I started the year off by taking down another Prerelease by myself

Aether Revolt, 4 wins 1 tie, 1st Place!

Wow, I went to 8 weddings!  Congratulations to the Chow’s, the Hai’s, the Woon’s, the Chan’s, the Su’s, the Chau’s, the Yoshiba’s and the Fong’s.

Groomsmen for 3 of them.  Best man for 1 of them.

Generally speaking, I do not enjoy travelling.  Despite that, I still did a quite a bit of travelling by going to..

-San Francisco, CA for a day trip with Rachel to celebrate Valentine’s Day

-San Diego, CA for Eddie’s wedding

-Sacremento, CA for weekend family trip to visit my sister

-Escondido, CA for Lauren’s bachelor Party

-Orlando, FL for a Disney World adventure planned way in advance

-Portland, OR for Marty’s bachelor Party

-Pleasant Hill, CA for Marty’s wedding

I spoke at an EPIC general meeting.  It’s something I always wanted to do, to impart whatever little wisdom I have

I went to the Ice Cream Museum

I became an uncle

I proposed [on my birthday]

I got a new job and I moved into an apartment

Rachel will move in in February

Despite excelling at like 6 of the 8 events, I got the Silver Medal at the 2017 Yuan Olympics.  You’d think there’d be bonus points for turning in your banner on time or solving 71 math problems in 1 minute.

..and of course, I did an escape room

Central Bank @ Fox in a Box [23% completion rate]


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