I’ve been blessed with an incredible mind.  A brain that has an immense memory capacity and when overclocked, has infinite possibilities.  I also have this curse, where things are hard to forget and memories, both good and bad, just don’t seem to go away.  This body of mine does not match the brain inside of it.  Imagine a computer with 10 TB of memory, but with the worst processing specs you can think of.  All this storage space that can’t fully be put use without a bit of struggling.  Also bad multitasking and stuff.  Anyways, sometimes when I’m trying to sleep at night, I inadvertently run an inventory on my memories.  Perhaps writing all these things down will help me rest easy at night rather having my brain try to remember things.  And just like how everyday is chest day, in this realm, every day is throwback Thursday.  Enjoy!


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