End of a Chapter

Today was my last day working at Flavorus.  By no means did I leave on bad terms.  I had resigned because I found another opportunity I just couldn’t say “no” to.  It’s been really fun and cool working there.  I learned so much!



No more free lunches on Friday.. no more pool games.. no more infinite vacation days.  But alas, on to bigger things.


Farewell Flavorus, you’ve been good to me.


Writer’s Block

Blogger’s Block?

So, it would appear that I’ve run out of things to write about.  At least, things with good substance anyway.  Perhaps this blog has fulfilled it’s purpose?  The memory banks are finally clear of all the clutter?  I know my readership fluctuates, but if you wish to learn or read more, help me and fill out this google doc with ideas!

What do you guys and gals want to see or read?  Or should I quit while I’m ahead..?

Beginner’s Luck

I don’t normally gloat, brag or bad manner, but this will probably be the only instance where I experienced “beginner’s luck”.

I played Fantasy Football with a handful of my coworkers and it was my first time I ever played it; although to be fair, I’ve played many years of Fantasy Basketball.  The idea of moneyball is still there though.

Anyways, long story short, I didn’t really know what I was doing.  Went 11-2 in the regular season to be #1 seed in playoffs.  Went all the way to the finals and won it.  But let’s be honest, there was no skill involved.  Players get injured and have great/off nights.  All luck of the draw.  Gold star if you recognize where I got the team name from.

Capture Capture4



Yahoo Sports gives draft grades and predictions.  To which I was given a D on my draft report card and projected to go 5-8.  Not that that means anything; it’s a automated message generated based on projected stats of the players I picked.


I’m just so happy!


Day 12: Turn Off Your Cellphone

Uh, too easy.


I’m generally a happy person.  And even if I feel sad or some other negatively related emotion, I certainly don’t beat myself up.  Rather, I just works towards being happy/awesome again.  So, how many times did I turn off my phone today?  Let me answer that question with another question: How many ladies are in my life right now?

Well, this whole challenge was pretty fun.  You guys should try it too!

Day 11: Create & Recite a Mantra



Do what you gotta do, Live your life, Chase that paper.  A saying coined by Taylor.  Though I always jokingly reference it, it has some good value to it.  The order is important here.  No LCD or CLD here..
And by all means paper can be substituted for whatever you want.  I’m just sticking to the concept of the original phrase.

Day 10: Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

Thinking of the words “pat” and “back”, I remembered this scene:



Early on at my current job, one of my biggest accomplishments was building a Chrome App.  I coded it all from the bottom up and pretty much from scratch by myself.  The last time I really needed to touch it was in February.  Today I was tasked with spinning off a new version of it and it is the bane of every programmer to come back to his code 6 or more months later.  It’s hard to remember how everything worked or where everything was.  In layman’s terms, it’s like writing an essay and turning it in.  And then your teacher gives it back to you 6 months later to have you edit something.

Luckily, past Josh takes care of future Josh.  I remember commenting every little detail of my code and making sure it was easily readable.  What I thought was going to be days of work turned out to be much less.  A few changes here and there and it was good to go.
Pat on the back to past Josh.

Day 9: Compliment Others

I certainly don’t have a way with spoken words.  I speak much differently than what I write, I mean that in the sense of I don’t know what I’m saying sometimes.  In the same way that I describe myself in the non-negative sense, it took a bit of effort to compliment people.


I actually didn’t do this a whole lot today, I was really engrossed in my work.  Building a Facebook app takes a lot out of you, but I still got a couple things out there..

I told my lead that I hope to someday be able to code in SQL as well as he does.

I told my coworker who always helps me that he’s good with weird things.  I meant that in the sense of he always has solutions to my hardest programming problems.

I told my aunt that she’s a nice person.  Though, I tell her that a lot.

Day 8: Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

But it’s so easy to compare yourself to others..


This isn’t a task or challenge, rather it’s a good reminder.  I mean, we used to do it all the time in grade school, no?  Somehow asking if our friend studied for the test would miraculously make us feel better or make our grade higher.

I ran some sprints with Stu today, and we found that we were critiquing ourselves pretty hard.  Saying things like he was good because he was running faster or something is wrong with me because I’m surprisingly slow.  Maybe I’ll have a leg up because I started exercising a little bit.  Maybe he’s just naturally gifted.  It’s hard.  It’s a good reminder because we’re all unique in our own ways and circumstance.

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” – Steve Furtick

Day 7: Reward Yourself for Being Fantastic

I guess its kind of nice how everything has lined up so far.

Yesterday, I felt that the heat inhibited my ability to do a few more sprints.  So last night, I actually ran a few more before showering up and going to bed; in good old 2-a-day fashion.  My reward?  I’m took it easy today.  After church and lunch, I just chilled on my computer for the most part.  Had ramen for dinner and thanks to the holiday tomorrow, I can not only stay up a little later, but sleep in too.  I also had a late night snack, and didn’t feel bad about it (not that I normally would..).

Day 6: Be Proud of Yourself

I got a lot done today.  As such, I am quite proud of myself.

enhanced-25314-1408636371-20Ran a few errands including filling up on gas, going to the bank, and doing some shopping for Hikoi.  I also set aside time to do some sprints since it’s turkey bowl season.  Although I wasn’t able to hit my number on sprints, I figure any number greater than zero in this heat is a feat in of itself.  Lastly, I had a chance to make meatballs for dinner.

photoIt tasted pretty good.  I’m proud because the last time I tried to cook meatballs for dinner, Cheeseburger Eddie looked at me with baby panda eyes and asked “why can’t we just have hamburger patties instead?”  So we had hamburgers..  But I digress.  I feel pretty accomplished today.