Food – as you would expect, this includes everything pertaining to food.  From weird eats, to odd recipes, to cooking.

JEL – it stands for Josh, Eddie, Lauren.  While Josh was in college, he met a couple of guys that he did battle with, broke bread with and joked around with.  Though college is over, everything here relates to their adventures and their backstory.

Josh Facts – fun facts and quirks about the writer himself.

Nostalgia Trip – you know that feeling you get when you smell, taste or see something and you suddenly have a flashback?  These are posts about such feelings and the objects that reminded him.

Show and Tell – everyone treasures something.  Though Josh tends to put value into valueless things, they’re still pretty cool.  Or at least they have a cool backstory to it.  Like 2nd grade, listen in on his stories during show and tell time.

Snippets in Time – these blogs are stories based on true events.  They are retold in the form of a narration or short story to help encompass the drama.  Since they are true, many elements have been slightly altered to preserve anonymity.

Thoughts on Life – these are thoughts that may or may not belong on Reddit’s shower thoughts sub.  Though they are definitely more extensive.

Travel – Josh doesn’t travel much cause he dislikes the process of the travel.  But when he’s finally at the destination, he’ll enjoy himself.  These are his recent journeys.

Uncategorized – everything else..

Untold Stories – these are stories you may or may not have heard of that have stayed on Josh’s mind ever  since they occurred.  They are the type of stories that war veterans tell grand kids.

Wisdom – he doesn’t do it often, but sometimes Josh is capable of imparting wisdom.  Tune into words that may help you change your life(style).

WQ – Matt, Stu, Josh, Caleb, Kevin, Marty.. this is everything related to the infamous Clan WumboQ (the Q is silent).  Learn how they became friends and how awesome they are as a group of 6.  Like a megazord, their combined powers have lead to the defeat of many things,


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